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Samsung’s Galaxy Store Launch

Samsung smartphone and tablet users globally can now download Games for a living’s Elemental Raiders from its Galaxy…

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$GFAL Record Pre-Sale sold out!

Our entire Bit2Me allocation sold out in less than 10 seconds, while Seedify’s second round sold out in just 17…

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Trip Hawkins joins the team

Games for a living welcomes our new CSO with open arms and we are excited to birth the new future of Web3 gaming with…

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Fuelling mass adoption of web3 gaming

Prioritizing what really matters to gamers and developers by building a true games-focused blockchain.
For Gamers

Built for Players

Offering accessibility, transparency and almost no environmental impact.

For Developers

Built for Developers

Games for a Living Chain ensures reliability, short time to market products and low development costs.


Games developed using the Games for a Living Network technology include Elemental Raiders, a turn-based RPG fantasy game, and Diamond Dreams, a match 3 switcher game.

Solving the reach issue

We create original IP gaming experiences that are available across multiple platforms.


Developing games for PC, console, with a strong emphasis on mobile platforms

Bridging the gap

Games are also released in web2 versions

Solving the accessibility issue

We are building the Games for a Living Network which makes blockchain features accessible to everyone.
Accessible & Secure

Simple & Secure Login

Seamless login authentication

Easy Cash In & Out

Pay with credit card & cash out directly to your wallet

One Ecosystem Token

The Games for a Living Token ($GFAL) is used in all games & network features

No gas fees

Tax Management

The platform will provide income tax assistance in the future

Games for a Living Chain, a Layer 1 built for games

Efficient Development

Seamless & fast integration for web2 devs with no web3 experience. Unity SDK.

Smart Contract

Smart contracts in C#. Pre set & Custom smart contracts.

Accessible & Secure

Web2 wallet experience: 2FA email & password.

Future Proof

Compliant with future regulatory requirements.


Almost 100% uptime Service level agreement.


Block ledger gets published and downloadable for community.


Lowest environmental impact in the industry.

Zero Gas Fees

No gas fees for developers and players.
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